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Register now easily and comfortably your desired course.

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Course booking

Register now easily and comfortably your desired course.

Course booking

A very warm welcome in Winterberg

Private lessons

We are on your side

If you would like to learn skiing or snowboarding individually or you will improve your style, we provide you with an experienced ski instructor in order to reach your personal goal. This instructor will meet your requirements and proficiency specifically and flexibly.

Group courses

for children (from 5 years) and adults

Learning together

In our ski school we offer private lessons and group courses.

Learn skiing and/or snowboarding efficiently in a group and have fun together! Share your learning progresses and combine them with the professional support of our qualified ski and snowboarding instructors.

We offer

Our ski and snowboard instructors react to every individual proficiency level and optimize therefore consequently the success within the group. We take care of you from the beginning on easy pistes up to the advanced level on challenging trails.


Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Private lesson

Alpine skiing and snowboarding (timetable on demand). Up to 4 persons. Supervising during lunch 15 € per child

per person and hour (60 minutes)60,00 €
every additional person20,00 €
Group courses

Alpine skiing (six persons and more), snowboarding (available for up to six persons)

1 day50,00 €
2 days96,00 €
3 days138,00 €
4 days176,00 €
5 days210,00 €
Each further day34,00 €


We are here for you

Alpine skiing:10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 – 14:00 p.m. (3 hours)
Lunch break:11:30 – 12:30 p.m.
Snowboard:10:00 – 12:00 a.m.

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Schnupperkurse Ski: 2 Stunden für 40 €

Early-Bird-Kurs:9:00 Uhr bis 11:00 Uhr
Vormittagskurs:11:00 Uhr bis 13:00 Uhr
Nachmittagskurs:14:00 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr
Floodlight (Tu. & Fr.):07:00 - 09:00 p.m.

Schnupperkurs Snowboard: 2 Stunden für 50 €

Nachmittagskurs:13:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr

Onlinebuchung ab November 2020 wieder möglich.


We offer more than others

Next to the traditional standards we offer the following:

  • Night courses under flood light from 18:30 p. m. on (private session)
  • Skiing events (races with a presentation ceremony, for example)
  • “Snow-vital”, offers lust for life for all who are young-at-heart and inspires them to enjoy the winter sport
  • Ski lessons especially for handicapped people
  • Courses for cross-country on demand

Dates and prices are available on demand

Frequently asked questions

What you would like to know

1.What time does it take to learn skiing?

Due to our long lasting experience we recommend you to book three courses. Normally, you need this time to dominate the technique safely and to enjoy skiing with a lot of fun afterwards.

2.I don’t have any skiing or snowboarding equipment. Should I buy or rent one?

In general, we advise you not to buy the equipment. If you recognize that you are not interested in skiing or snowboarding you will invest a lot of money for free. Our ski and snowboard instructors will recommend you the suitable ski or board after your lesson.
Important! Please rent your equipment before the lesson!

You need:

For your ski lesson:
Skis, shoes and sticks. We recommend you a helmet. In our kinder ski school it is obligatory to wear a helmet.

For your snowboard lesson:
A snowboard, shoes, a helmet and gloves with protectors are recommended. If you only have gloves for skiing, we ask you to utilize protectors which are also used for inline-skating.

3.Where do I get the skiing and/or snowboarding equipment?

On the way from the parking to our ski school, you will find several certified ski rentals. The qualified staff will arrange the suitable equipment for you.

4.Is it possible to book group- or private lessons online?

Yes, you can book online on our website. After the receipt of your payment you will be sure to take part in a group course or to have a private lesson.

5.Why can children only take part in the kinder ski school from 5 years on?

Children under 5 have a lot more ambitions to play than children who are older. They are not able or willing to follow the course constantly. If they are bored or if it is too exhausting for them, they will lose interest quickly. That would be a pitty!

6.Do you offer all-day children facilities?

Yes, we do. For an additional price of 15 Euro we also take care of your children during noon.

7.When do I have to be at the reception?

Please be at the reception until 9:30 a.m. with all your equipment.

8.I booked online. Do I have to queue?

No, there is an online check-in next to the front desk, especially for all online-booking clients. Please take the order confirmation with you, which you got by mail. You scan the bar code on the document at the front desk and then you will get the information where you have to wait for the beginning of the lesson (which group course you have to join or which instructor you will have if you booked a private lesson). Our skiing or snowboarding instructors are also pleased to help you.

9.Where do I find the reception?

You find the reception 50 m above the valley station “Lift Nr. 12”, directly on the ski pist. The skiing and snowboarding lesson will start at 10:00 a.m.

The address for the satnav is the following:
59955 Winterberg
Remmeswiese Nr. 10 D

10.Can I pay with an EC card?

Yes, for sure.

11.I don’t know if I have to book a lesson for beginners or for advanced learners.

Beginner, when you haven’t skied before.
Advanced learner, when you can stop and do turns and when you are able to go down on an easy (blue) pist.

12.Is it better to book a group course or a private lesson?

We recommend you to book a group course when you are a beginner. After the group course the instructor will tell you if it makes sense to book a group course for advanced learners or a private lesson. It is better to book a private lesson when you have a special problem or you would like to improve your style individually.

13.Do you offer lessons for handicapped people?

Yes, we do. Our skiing instructor Karl-Heinz has a special education to teach handicapped people. He has a long lasting experience as skiing instructor in the national paralympic committee during the winter and he is able to react on your handicap. Please write an email or phone us! If you have any further questions, we will glad to help you.

14.Do I need a ticket for the lift before the lesson start?

You don’t need a ticket for the lift if you booked a group course for beginners. During the course and dependent on the progress of the participants, the instructor will decide if or when you need a ticket.


Zur Teamverstärkung suchen wir für die Saison 2019/20

1.Ski- und Snowboardlehrer (w/m/d)

mit Ausbildung bei deutschen Verbänden (DSV oder DSLV) oder international.

2.Newcomer (w/m/d)

für alle, die davon träumen, Ski- oder Snowboardlehrer zu werden, sicher auf den Skiern oder dem Snowboard stehen, für die Kundenorientierung kein Fremdwort ist und bereit sind, sich fortbilden zu lassen.

Wir gehören beiden Verbänden an. Daher unterstützen wir dich entweder auf dem Weg zum Verbandsskilehrer (DSV) oder zum Berufsskilehrer (DSLV) durch Schulungen und finanzielle Beteiligung.

3.Newbies/Praktikanten (w/m/d)

für alle sportlich begeisterte Skifahrer, die Spaß im Umgang mit Kindern haben.

Unterstützung der Skilehrer im Kinderskiland, bei fortgeschrittenen Kinderkursen als Begleiter, sowie bei der Übermittagsbetreuung der Kids.

4.Über uns

Wir, das Team der größten DSV- Skischule, sowie der Profi-Skischule des Deutschen Skilehrerverbandes im Winterberger Skikarussell, sind über 50 erfahrene und bestens ausgebildete Ski- und Snowboardlehrer.

Das besondere an uns ist, dass unser qualifiziertes Team sowohl aus erfahrenen als auch aus jungen Skilehrern besteht, die Tradition und Moderne sinnvoll und mit viel Liebe zum Skisport miteinander verknüpfen.

5.Wir bieten

  • Anstellung Dezember bis Ende März, aber auch wochenweise oder Wochenenden
  • Arbeiten in einem engagierten Team mit passenden Organisationstrukturen
  • Verbesserung Deiner Ski- oder Snowboardtechnik durch regelmäßiges Training
  • Förderung der Ski- oder Snowboardausbildung
  • Unterkunft in unserem Appartement
  • ermäßigten Skipass
  • Skilehreranzug
  • faire Bezahlung entsprechend der Ausbildung, Leistung und Erfahrung

Jetzt bewerben

Wir freuen uns auf einen kurzen Lebenslauf mit Angabe der bisherigen Tätigkeiten und Erfahrungen im Bereich Ski oder Snowboard per E-Mail

Gerne steht unser DSV-Skischulleiter Karlheinz auch telefonisch unter Mobil 0170- 9659415 für Fragen zur Verfügung.


Contact us!

Do you have questions or suggestions? Do you need any further information?
Please call us directly or use the message folder on this side. We would be very happy if you contact us!

Ski Winterberg

Administration Ulrike Puchinger

+49 2981 927296

Neue Skischule
Winterberg GmbH

Remmeswiese 10 d
Lift Nr. 12

Rauher Busch
D-59955 Winterberg

+49 2981 927296
+49 176 34291211


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